Hello WAHHI Women

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Archives

Hello WAHHI Women –

I wanted to send you an update as to what steps WAHHI has taken to help in the efforts to keep our Lowcountry Safe.
  • We have canceled all the small events in April.
  • We have canceled the April 21 luncheon.
  • We have asked our interest group leaders to evaluate, postpone or cancel meetings through April.
  • We have encouraged everyone to self-quarantine and practice safe habits.

We all have a role in protecting our families and our community. We will continue to evaluate and stay in touch with our local officials in the upcoming weeks.

Take a moment to please check on your neighbors and friends, especially elderly residents who may be living alone, or parents who are home with children. They may need a phone call or a meal or help with an errand.

Thank our first responders and doctors, nurses and other health professionals for what they are doing to protect us. Thank our workers at grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses that continue to operate, provide resources and do their part to protect the public. Let’s support them!


As our state and town officials are working through issues of other ways to keep our community safe, it’s important now more than ever that we have our voices heard. They are in the midst of making decisions that concern us all. Please click on this link to email Governor McMaster directly and share your thoughts. Also, this link will take you to other representatives to reach out to as well.


Stay informed: