Couples Gourmet Club

Leader: Karen Rudy
P: 843-715-3949

This group consists of 40 member couples and at least 10 substitute couples. A menu committee chooses a theme each year and creates four elegant menus complete with suggested wines. Detailed recipes are distributed to all members. Couples are randomly assigned to attend dinner parties (four couples at each home) four times during the year (October/November, January, March and April). Each regular member will serve once as a host and will be a guest three times. Host couples arrange their own dinner party date with guests. The host is responsible for the designated main course and wines, while the guest couples prepare and bring the assigned appetizers, soup or salad, sides, and dessert. At the conclusion of each dinner party, the total cost of the entire meal and wine is divided equally among all four couples.

In addition to the four hosted dinner parties each year, there are three annual events open to all Couples Gourmet members: a “Welcome” cocktail party in October, a formal Valentine dinner event held in February, and a wrap-up Men’s BBQ in May. If you enjoy cooking, entertaining, meeting new people, and the conviviality of good old-fashioned dinner parties, Couples Gourmet is for you. And it’s the ONLY WAHHI group that invites men to participate!

Four times per year

Member homes

$25 annually and cost of meals