Make Yourself Resilient

by Betty Hambleton

A Note on Resilience

I am always looking for interesting articles about resilience that are relevant to women and that help expand our understanding of the theme I selected for this year as your WAHHI President.  “Everyday Health” is a great online newsletter that I subscribe to (it’s FREE) which focuses entirely on women’s health. 

Today I received an email issue focusing on resilience, with an article by Amit Sood, MD, of the Mayo Clinic.  Dr. Sood says “Resilience isn’t something you’re born with; it’s something we all need to work on continuously throughout our lives.”  He goes on to offer 9 skills to become more resilient:  1) composure; 2) patience; 3) optimism; 4) gratitude; 5) acceptance; 6) kindness; 7) sense of purpose; 8) forgiveness; 9) connection. Click here to read about the 9 Essential Skills That Make You Resilient in more detail

Beyond building resilience, these are very basic life skills I know that I am going to work harder at putting into everyday practice!