DID YOU KNOW? WAHHI Youth Community Service Awards

By Marie Danforth, WAHHI Historian

In 1980, the Women’s Association’s Youth Community Service Awards began, an idea of Carol Wolf’s, 1979-80 President.  It was designed to reward area students for outstanding community service.  As such, it is an awards program open to all students and not a scholarship in expectation of college attendance.  The first award was a $75 savings bond awarded to Peggy Carey, a junior at May River Academy.

WAHHI recently reached out to several past Youth Community Service Award Winners to catch up with them to see where they are and learn about the impact of the award on their life path.  

Shelby Allen, a student of Hilton Head Christian Academy, was an award recipient in 2013.  She received a Bachelor of Arts in Human Service Studies from Elon University and a Masters Degree of Education/Counseling from the University  of Virginia. Since 2019, she has been a high school counselor in Charlotte, NC. Shelby said, “Earning the WAHHI Youth Award meant a lot to me as it recognized my service in the Lowcountry community and further instilled my desire to serve others.“

Forest Richardson, a student at Hilton Head Preparatory School, was a recipient in 2014.  She received a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a Master of Science in Business Analytics from Wake Forest University. She works for Deloitte Insights and Solutions in Washington DC. “I am honored to have received the WAHHI award in 2014. I am proud of the woman I have become and I thank WAHHI for giving me a seat at the table since I was 18. The receipt of this award allowed me to view myself as worthy of this recognition and education, which I was able to explore to the fullest at Wake Forest University.”

Kalaylah Chisolm (pictured above) was a 2018  winner.  She is a junior at Winthrop University majoring in Theatre with a concentration in Performance and a minor in Educational Studies.  She plans on attending Winthrop’s accelerated Masters Program in the Art of Teaching. Kalaylah said “The WAHHI Youth Award meant so much to me! It has allowed me to enjoy my college experience without any financial burdens. This award also helped solidify my degree path and choices for my future. Thank you for all you have done to help me have this experience!”

The WAHHI Youth Community Service Awards 2021 Class hails from four local area high schools. The recipients will be announced at the upcoming April 8th Membership Meeting and Luncheon.