WAHHI 2022 Toy Drive to Benefit The Children’s Center

WAHHI Ladies,

Thank you so much for your generous hearts during this year’s giving season. Because of you, each child and each of their family members received a Christmas gift this year—that’s incredible! Our team has been absolutely blown away. What a gift you all gave the families we serve (and ultimately our team to witness). 

Our original plan was to host Santa on December 20th so that each child could visit with him and take a photo (this is usually the only time some of our children get to see Santa during the holiday season). During Santa’s visit, our parents would be given their family’s bag of presents to take home. Classroom holiday parties would conclude the festive day before holiday break. But because of the number of gifts, we pivoted and had parents pick up their gifts in intervals starting December 15th until the 20th.

Because of this new plan, our staff was able to spread the joy and excitement of giving over the course of four days!! Hearing and seeing the thankfulness from each of our parents was such a gift. Thank you all for allowing us the honor to receive that gift.

Attached are photos that were taken from the 15th to the Santa holiday event on the 20th! Each parent had the option of taking the gifts to the car with or without their child’s knowledge. If the child saw the bag, they were told that the gifts were special and brought to them from Santa to take home before Christmas. The excitement on their faces were priceless! Our parents were floored when they learned the gifts were for their other children and themselves. The words “thank you, thank you, thank you” and “wow, are you serious?”, echoed our hallways for days from parents during pick up. Again, what a joy to witness!

Thank you for each of your kindness. It will be a Christmas that each of our families will remember forever!

Alli Damas
Director of Development
The Children’s Center