WAHHI Women Support Families Facing Domestic Violence – Thank You

In conjunction with Domestic Violence Awareness month, WAHHI Difference Makers’ October project collected items that Hopeful Horizons clients and families will use when they are faced with relocation. Families who experience abuse, violence and assault often leave behind their possessions for a safe haven.

WAHHI members were asked to donate items for kitchens and bathrooms as well as cleaning products and gift cards that will be used for Hopeful Horizons’ “Furnish a Future”, a program that creates safe and joyful spaces for individuals and families who are starting a new life after fleeing domestic violence and staying at the Hopeful Horizons emergency shelter.

Not surprisingly, WAHHI members were exceedingly generous with their donations and time as we were able to complete over 50 kits and have items remaining to create additional relocation kits.

The program on October 27th was held in the Community Room at Palmetto Electric in Hardeeville. More than 40 WAHHI members attended the program that began with an educational session about Hopeful Horizons led by Rose Ewing, Community Educator and Erin Hall, Chief Development Officer from Hopeful Horizons, followed by Q&A. The attendees then assembled the kits from the hundreds of items that were donated. This project will undoubtedly bring JOY to many who need something to be joyful about!

Jill Duncan and Carole Pritchard led this Difference Makers project, along with their committee, Michele Foote, Lynda Kaplan and Ronnie Liebowitz. Many WAHHI Ambassadors participated by offering their front porches as collection sites and many drove cars full of items to the event that morning.

We thank you all! 
With Gratitude,
Gina Hines and Eileen Faas
2022-23 Difference Makers