WAHHI Membership Survey Results

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WAHHI Membership Survey Results  Survey Conducted March 11-25, 2022

Survey Participation:
• 363 responses – nearly a 40% response rate. This is significantly better than the 20-30%
average survey response rate reported by Qualtrics.com and other sources.
Survey Participant Demographics:
• 76% of the respondents are from HHI, with 24% from Bluffton.
• 40% of the respondents have lived in this area for less than three years. 63% have been
WAHHI members for less than three years.
• 81% of the respondents are retired and 9% are working full-time.
• Approximately 80% are baby boomers.

Mission Statement:
• 88% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that WAHHI’s current mission statement
reflects our organization. Many of the recommended additions offered in the free
response section included the ideas of “support”, “community”, and “enrichment.” These
concepts have been integrated into the new WAHHI Vision and Values statements in the

Member Interests and Satisfaction:
• 81% of members are satisfied with their WAHHI membership; only 3% reported
• Members’ most important reason for joining WAHHI was overwhelmingly social (make
new friends, participate in active lifestyle activities, or participate in fun activities with
current friends), totaling 84% of responses. The remaining 16% cited learning something
new or performing community service.
• Consistent with their reasons for joining, respondents gave their WAHHI membership
good marks (more than 50% agreed or strongly agreed) for social activities:
o Having fun with like-minded women (64% agreed or strongly agreed)
o Connecting with women from across their community (62%)
o Gaining new information and insight (60%)
o Making new friends (57%).
• Lower scores were given for learning new skills (41%) and volunteering for something
they are passionate about (46%).
• Members are involved in other community activities – more than half belong to other
community-based women’s associations, and a variety of other groups.
• Slightly more than half of the respondents felt that their WAHHI membership is worth
more than $40.

Marketing and Communications:
• More than 80% of respondents first learned about WAHHI from another current
member. Paid advertising and internet searches only attracted 10%.
• More than 90% feel that they receive the right amount of communications about
WAHHI activities. Nearly 80% get their information primarily from the Pink Paper
newsletter, while 12% get it from the website.
• Less than 30% of respondents agreed that their Neighborhood Ambassador contacts
them periodically with information and checks in to see if members have questions.
On-line Resources and Usage:
• 93% of respondents rated the WAHHI.org website easy to use or okay to use.
• 73% felt that it was easy to join WAHHI via the website. While 20% reported having
some challenges, only 7% felt that it needs improvement.
• Most (58%) have never needed help using the website and member resources site. Of
those who have needed help, only a small percentage have given up in frustration.
• 74% thought the WAHHI member resource event page contained enough information
for them to attend an event. 21% replied “don’t know.”
• Only 43% use Wild Apricot for Members to register for events and find members in the
online directory.
• Only 21% follow WAHHI on Facebook and/or Instagram.

• Almost 80% of the respondents believe that WAHHI’s volunteer Board and Council act in
the best interests of membership. About 19% had no opinion, and 1% disagreed with
this statement.

• 88% agreed that they are proud of what WAHHI does with the Charitable Fund grants
and the Youth Community Service awards.
• 77% are comfortable with the different ways WAHHI conducts fundraising