The WAHHI Strategic Plan 

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Over the 60-year history of the Women’s Association of Hilton Head Island there has never been a multi-year approach to planning.  With the tremendous growth of our Association and a number of changing factors that have impacted programs and activities, this year seemed an appropriate time to look at where we have been and chart a course for where we need to be over the next few years to continue to be successful.

In January, a Strategic Planning Team was appointed under the chairmanship of Past President Tamra Avrit.  The members of the Team were:  Betty Hambleton (President), Claudia Aller (President-elect), Denise Nahley (Treasurer), Linda Jackson (Membership Chair), Robyn Zimmerman (Publicity Chair), and Jane McAuliff (2022-23 incoming President-elect).  The work of the team was also assisted by two SCORE volunteer certified business mentors, Mary Ann Bell and Victoria Olson.

The planning process which took place over the past several months included gathering feedback on important operational aspects about the Association through two surveys:  one survey conducted with Board/Council/Interest Group Leaders/Ambassadors and the second survey conducted with the entire membership.  The high response rates to both surveys confirmed high interest in providing input and offering insight into a course that will carry WAHHI into 2025.  As survey data was compiled, one area of overwhelming agreement was that after over 60 years the WAHHI Mission remains relevant today and into the future.  A Vision Statement has been added which underscores WAHHI’s commitment to foster connections among women, promote their personal enrichment and better our community.  Another outcome of the process was the development of Our Shared Values which are based on our foundation and serve to guide ideas, thinking and actions of the organization.

The 2023-2026 Strategic Plan was approved on April 26 by the 2021-22 WAHHI Board and Council and will be operationalized under the 2022-23 leadership team.  The Plan is posted on the WAHHI website in the Governance section.  There are five goals with many objectives under each goal.  Some of the objectives require further study and deliberation, while some objectives will be able to be moved forward quickly.  Our membership will be engaged as appropriate with these goals and objectives, and the Board/Council will annually update the plan as objectives are accomplished and operating conditions evolve.

As your outgoing President, this Strategic Plan is but one proud accomplishment during my 2021-22 term.  My sincere gratitude to Tamra Avrit and the Planning Team for their diligence in sifting through data and crafting the goals and objectives that make up the plan.  To see the many ways WAHHI has impacted our community and to view a report of how your Board and Council has been at work to support the operation of the organization, the outcomes of planning and executing programs and activities, follow the links below.  My heartfelt thanks to the Board and Council who have volunteered countless hours, provided outstanding leadership, and maintained steady resolve to assure WAHHI’s success this year.  And it goes without saying how much I appreciate each and every WAHHI member for their support and participation in immeasurable ways.  You are the heart and soul of this awesome organization.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your 2021-22 WAHHI President and good wishes to the 2022-23 incoming leadership team.

Betty Hambleton

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