Sandalwood Community Food Pantry – Thank You

Sandalwood Community Food Pantry This local nonprofit utilized the grant to address the daily needs of families with young children for diapers and wipes.

WAHHI Board and Members, It was a joy to see so many smiling faces at your annual Luncheon at the Sonesta Resort on February 21 and too personally thank the generous members for both the Grant and the beautiful fresh produce centerpieces that were enjoyed by our Pantry Families the following day.  However, it is our little ones that give you the biggest hug because this 2022 Grant of $1,500.00 made it possible to keep our babies and toddlers dry and rash free with the distribution of diapers and wipes!  We continue to serve outdoors for the past 140 weeks, rain or shine, serving over 100 families every Tuesday for the past 14 years. Today we are serving over 1000 families, throughout the year, providing local farm produce of every color and fresh fish, shrimp, dairy, eggs, a variety of proteins and everyday staples that are nutrient rich, vegetarian meals, breads and desserts and thanks to you diapers and wipes that are so costly as inflation remains at 8.20% and our families struggle to make ends meet. 

Your Grant, once again, brings a smile to my heart and allows us to focus on feeding the hungry, and keeping them clothed and healthy, and our babies dry, as we move closer to our Dream of building a Resilient Pantry to call Home because Hurricanes and Pandemics will come and go but Hunger is never-ending and we are Out of Space!   We have always known that people, much more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; but never thrown away because, we have always known, there are no throwaways!  Your continued connection allows us to keep our doors open and bring hope to so many people who stopped believing hope was possible.  There is no way to fully express our gratitude but to hold you in our hearts as a friend of the Pantry.  As we give thanks for the food and diapers our clients are about to receive, we silently give thanks to you as an answer to our prayers in times such as these.  May WAHHI be blessed and bountiful this year.